Father of boy allegedly exposed to unneeded surgeries speaks out

A Dallas mother charged with faking her eight-year-old son’s multiple illnesses is within jail Friday morning. A study acquired through the Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram revealed Christopher Bowen has already established greater than 300 physician visits and suffered 13 major surgeries in the short existence.

The boy’s mother, Kaylene Bowen-Wright, is billed with injuries to some child, reports CBS News’ Omar Villafranca. She’s charged with pretending her boy was sick with multiple illnesses, including cancer. Child Protective Services found the boy were built with a feeding tube, used oxygen, and required seizure medication – also it all might have been for free.

Christopher’s father Ryan Crawford states he’s been looking to get child custody of his boy within the last 3 years, but his mother claimed her boy was on his dying bed every time these were in the court.

“When she’d jump on the are in position to testify every single time….She’d just start crying, essentially saying he’s inside a coma,” Crawford stated.

A nearby news report covered a fundraising event in 2014 for Christopher to assist purchase his alleged combat a lung disease. In the last couple of years, a minimum of two other fundraisers were produced for Christopher online.


Kaylene Bowen-Wright

CBS Austin

“I believed that certain day that that might be the finish cause,” Crawford stated of whether he thought she may eventually kill him.

Child Protective Services states for eight years Bowen-Wright put her boy through a number of tests and surgeries, but staff at Dallas Children’s Clinic started to suspect Christopher wasn’t really sick following a visit recently. They known as CPS.

An affidavit in the agency suggests doctor’s believed Bowen-Wright are affected from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a mental illness in which a caregiver fakes or creates a person’s signs and symptoms for sympathy or attention. 

“The fundraiser, the physician shopping. Individuals are extremely common aspects of our cases,” stated Matthew Gilbert, the neighborhood director of investigations for CPS.  “These investigations are extremely rare. They do not show up very frequently.”

The 8-year-old and the brothers and sisters have been in promote care. Christopher’s father states his boy now seems to become physically healthy.

“I’m so sorry which i wasn’t capable of being there to prevent the injury that’s been done unto you,” Crawford stated.

CPS states individuals with Munchausen usually visit a number of different medical providers to avert being caught. Christopher’s father come in court in a few days to get child custody. CBS News arrived at to Bowen-Wright’s attorney, but hasn’t heard back.

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Lady dies after liposuction family demands solutions

Last Updated November 15, 2017 4:11 PM EST

DOWNEY, Calif. — A La lady who traveled to Mexico for liposuction surgery and entered a coma has died, based on her family.

51-year-old Irma Saenz loved to appear nice, something she made here we are at despite the fact that she required proper care of her 99-year-old mother, based on Irma’s niece, Nora, told CBS La.

“It’s sad. The main one time she did something for herself she compensated a higher cost,” Nora stated.

The station reports that Irma’s family was clueless that she’d attended Tijuana recently for liposuction until they were given a phone call she is at a coma following complications.

“We have seen Television shows where surgeries get botched but it is just something we did not be prepared to experience first hands,” stated Nora.

The household introduced Irma to the U.S. where she died Saturday inside a North Park hospital.


Irma Saenz


The household wants to be aware what happened in Tijuana but states they are getting trouble getting solutions.

“It had been very difficult especially since you did not recognize her because her face was very inflamed and the only method to tell it had been her was through the ft,” stated Irma’s sister Carmen Quintana.

The household is warning those who are searching to save cash in Mexico to become careful.

“It isn’t worthwhile. It had not been worthwhile in my sister,” stated Carmen.

“The thing is many people getting their physiques remade. Mother makeovers, whoever else,Inch stated Nora. “And individuals that do not have the financial resources are searching for the way of having it done in a cheaper cost and i believe that is what my sister did.”

The household provides a GoFundMe site to assist in paying for medical and funeral expenses.

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Ask Well: How Does Someone Die From Diabetes?


Credit Stuart Bradford

Q. How does someone die from diabetes?

A. Those who have diabetes cannot regulate their bloodstream sugar levels and when the condition isn’t tightly controlled, bloodstream sugar can spike to abnormally high levels, an ailment known as hyperglycemia, or dip below normal, an ailment known as hypoglycemia. Both the weather is potentially existence-threatening and can result in coma and dying otherwise quickly treated.

But complications caused by the condition really are a more standard reason for dying. Cardiovascular disease strikes individuals with diabetes at considerably greater rates than men and women without diabetes, “and we don’t fully know why,” stated Dr. Robert Gabbay, chief medical officer at Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. Individuals with diabetes develop cardiovascular disease at more youthful ages and therefore are nearly two times as prone to die of stroke or heart attack as people who don’t have diabetes.

Individuals with Diabetes type 2, the more prevalent type of the condition, are more inclined to have elevated cholesterol, high bloodstream pressure and weight problems, Dr. Gabbay stated, all risks for coronary disease. “The great news,Inches he stated, “is that many treatments, like individuals for cholesterol-reducing, are more efficient at lowering risk in individuals with diabetes compared to men and women without.Inches Newer and more effective classes of diabetes medications employed for Diabetes type 2 are also proven to lessen cardiovascular risk, he stated.

Individuals with Your body will also be at elevated risk for cardiovascular disease, although the reasons are less obvious.

Both kinds of diabetes may also result in other lengthy-term complications, like kidney disease, that can lead to premature dying. Problems like vision loss, nerve damage and infections that can lead to amputations can increase the probability of accidents and injuries. Good disease management beginning at the start of the condition process helps people avoid a few of these complications, Dr. Gabbay stated.

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