At a loss for flu cases, some ERs turn ambulances away

Last Updated Jan 5, 2018 1:53 PM EST

Medical officials in Los Angeles are warning the general public the current flu months are so intense that some hospitals are rerouting patients because of their more and more limited capacity. From Laguna Beach to Lengthy Beach, emergency rooms were battling to handle the overwhelming installments of influenza coupled with gone into “diversion mode,” where ambulances are delivered to other hospitals, CBS La reports.

O.C. Global, certainly one of Orange County’s busiest hospitals, announced Thursday mid-day it might not be accepting ambulances at its er aside from individuals transporting trauma patients.

“It’s not only Oc, it’s all regulated across the nation,” internist Dr. Ray Casciari with St. Frederick Hospital told CBS2 La. “So, yes, this will probably be a crisis year,” Casciari cautioned.

Earlier within the day, the town of Riverside held a press conference where medical officials addressed the “surge” in influenza cases over the past week within the city, in addition to Riverside County.

Dr. Steven Kim, medical director for Riverside Community Hospital, stated er admissions for that flu were up 40 % over the norm, though he stated most of the patients endured from “uncomplicated influenza,” meaning many of them would improve by themselves with minimal medical assistance.

However, people are inclined to pneumonia, Kim stated. The surge has been around influenza A, or “cyclical” flu cases.

The Oc Healthcare Agency has logged a minimum of 1,200 flu cases, greater than double than was observed in the very first week of The month of january 2016.

For that condition, Casciani predicted it is really an early spike in the event which will achieve four occasions what it really was simultaneously this past year.

And it’s not only California. The Cdc and Prevention reports that 26 states and New You are able to City were experiencing high amounts of flu-like illness by a week ago. Nine more states plus Puerto Rico were seeing moderate amounts of flu.



Prevention — including washing hands and remaining home if an individual is sick — is essential, doctors say. 

Casciani also cautioned that the sneeze contains as much as 500,000 influenza germs.

While the flu vaccine is not 100 % effective from the flu — actually, this season it’s cheaper — the shot can help to eliminate the seriousness of the condition.

Just when was influenza serious enough to warrant a visit to the hospital? Medical officials say an individual should mind towards the er when signs and symptoms include confusion, breathlessness, vomiting and out of control fever.

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Global Health: Jewish Philanthropists Produce a Prize for Christian Missionaries

The small country is among the world’s poorest and is affected with exactly the same ethnic divisions and political violence that brought towards the 1994 genocide in neighboring Rwanda.


Dr. White-colored in Kenya. His award will be employed to train local surgeons. Credit John Jumbi/AMHF

The cash, based on the African Mission Healthcare Foundation, which oversees the award, is having to pay for any new surgical building and refurbished laboratory, where local medical students is going to be been trained in surgery, and for operations and prosthetics to assist 350 people walk again.

2010 prize goes to Dr. Russell E. White-colored, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Tenwek Hospital in western Kenya.

A large number of Kenyans have heart valves damaged by rheumatic cardiovascular disease, which hardly exists in wealthy countries with ready use of antibiotics but is typical in poor nations. The valve damage, which may be debilitating or fatal, typically emerges years following a child’s routine strep throat went untreated.

The cash will be employed to train cardiac surgeons to correct valves and also to treat esophageal cancer and complications of t . b, along with other common local ailments. It will likewise purchase ultrasound screening in schools as well as for antibiotics for college students whose strep infections haven’t yet broken their hearts.

Mr. Gerson started raising profit 2002 whenever a college friend, Dr. Jon Fielder, labored inside a missionary hospital in Kenya and described a massive dilemma: “Faith-based” institutions provide 20 to 50 % of health care in Africa — estimates vary — however the American and European congregations that when supported mission hospitals have reduced.

The doctors who staff these facilities find it difficult to buy modern equipment, but every single day they spend away raising money means a large number of patients go unseen.

Using the money he makes with the Gerson Lehrman Group, which pairs experts and investors seeking advice, Mr. Gerson will also support U . s . Hatzalah in Israel, a network of three,500 motorcyle-riding volunteer paramedics who whip through traffic quicker than ambulances can.

The brand new award, he hopes, “will galvanize attention around what these superheroes do.”

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“Nothing this bad, ever”: Physician describes medical challenges in Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Federal workers have repaired air traffic control systems — though you may still find merely a couple of commercial flights each day — and they have provided diesel generators to hospitals. But supplying health care is really a challenge. 

CBS News met 36-year-old Marcelina Lopez as she showed up in the hospital Wednesday for any checkup. She’s six several weeks pregnant — after four miscarriages, she’s concerned about her very own health insurance and the healthiness of the infant.

Every cramp is reason to be concerned.

There wasn’t enough water or food in her own home, so Lopez grew to become dehydrated. She fell during Hurricane Maria and, with lots of roads blocked, it required her 2 days to achieve a healthcare facility.


Marcelina Lopez, left.

CBS News

At Centro Medico, the island’s largest hospital, ambulances arrive, although not everybody will get to visit inside. Due to spotty power and ac, triage camping tents happen to be setup on the front yard.


Dr. Sharee Umpierre

CBS News

Dr. Sharee Umpierre may be the mind of obstetrics and gynecology in the hospital. She told us she’s never witnessed “nothing this bad, ever” in her own existence.

“There has been multiple home births, individuals who wouldn’t ever in almost any present day give birth in your own home,Inch Dr. Umpierre stated. “Those who have had c-sections, individuals with multiple health conditions.Inch

Dr. Umpierre is attempting to handle limited operating rooms, spotty lab support and dwindling supplies. One bleary-eyed resident just finished a 30-hour shift.

“I can tell the level of people growing every single day,Inch Dr. Umpierre stated. “People not really from your clinics … people just saying, ‘you understand what I can not find my physician, are you able to take proper care of me?'”

Doctors repeat the cavalry continues to be far too slow to reach and they are concerned we do not be aware of 1 / 2 of it — with individuals stuck in your own home, without any communication, not able to even people for assistance.


Triage camping tents setup outdoors Centro Medico.

CBS News

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After Harvey Hit, a Texas Hospital Made the decision to Evacuate. Here’s How Patients Got Out.

As floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey started filling his north Beaumont, Tex., home a week ago, Theodore Atwood waded outdoors to obtain a utility knife, so he could pull-up his carpet and safeguard it. Returning to his kitchen, he tucked and fell around the wet linoleum, and wound up in a local hospital having a seriously damaged pelvis. However that was just the start of his journey, because he grew to become certainly one of 243 patients evacuated in the hospital last Thursday and Friday, based on a medical facility spokeswoman, after flooding in the storm broken its water system.

“Due towards the failure from the city’s push, it is incorporated in the welfare in our current patients to transfer with other acute care facilities,” a healthcare facility, Baptist Beaumont, stated inside a statement on Thursday. “Due towards the citywide insufficient services, we’ve not one other alternative but to discontinue all services that will include emergency services.”

A healthcare facility in Beaumont, which didn’t ton and stored its er open throughout, was one of several healthcare institutions disrupted because the storm, when a Category 4 hurricane, taken over the region. It began acknowledging patients again Tuesday morning having a backup water system using water shipped in from Nederland, Tex., Mary Poole, a healthcare facility spokeswoman, stated on Wednesday.

Emptying a modest-sized hospital throughout a disaster frequently needs a vast logistical effort and also the cooperation of ambulance teams along with other hospitals. A health system has enough sources to transfer patients within its very own network of hospitals. However when that isn’t possible, Texas has measures in spot to move patients en masse.

A catastrophic medical operations center — placed in Houston during emergencies and operated by the Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council, a regional organization that coordinates medical disaster responses — matches patients to a particular hospitals which takes them. Then your center passes a request medical transport for an emergency medical task pressure that coordinates ambulances and emergency service crews contributed by fire departments round the condition and, within the situation of Harvey, the country.

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