Father of boy allegedly exposed to unneeded surgeries speaks out

A Dallas mother charged with faking her eight-year-old son’s multiple illnesses is within jail Friday morning. A study acquired through the Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram revealed Christopher Bowen has already established greater than 300 physician visits and suffered 13 major surgeries in the short existence.

The boy’s mother, Kaylene Bowen-Wright, is billed with injuries to some child, reports CBS News’ Omar Villafranca. She’s charged with pretending her boy was sick with multiple illnesses, including cancer. Child Protective Services found the boy were built with a feeding tube, used oxygen, and required seizure medication – also it all might have been for free.

Christopher’s father Ryan Crawford states he’s been looking to get child custody of his boy within the last 3 years, but his mother claimed her boy was on his dying bed every time these were in the court.

“When she’d jump on the are in position to testify every single time….She’d just start crying, essentially saying he’s inside a coma,” Crawford stated.

A nearby news report covered a fundraising event in 2014 for Christopher to assist purchase his alleged combat a lung disease. In the last couple of years, a minimum of two other fundraisers were produced for Christopher online.


Kaylene Bowen-Wright

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“I believed that certain day that that might be the finish cause,” Crawford stated of whether he thought she may eventually kill him.

Child Protective Services states for eight years Bowen-Wright put her boy through a number of tests and surgeries, but staff at Dallas Children’s Clinic started to suspect Christopher wasn’t really sick following a visit recently. They known as CPS.

An affidavit in the agency suggests doctor’s believed Bowen-Wright are affected from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a mental illness in which a caregiver fakes or creates a person’s signs and symptoms for sympathy or attention. 

“The fundraiser, the physician shopping. Individuals are extremely common aspects of our cases,” stated Matthew Gilbert, the neighborhood director of investigations for CPS.  “These investigations are extremely rare. They do not show up very frequently.”

The 8-year-old and the brothers and sisters have been in promote care. Christopher’s father states his boy now seems to become physically healthy.

“I’m so sorry which i wasn’t capable of being there to prevent the injury that’s been done unto you,” Crawford stated.

CPS states individuals with Munchausen usually visit a number of different medical providers to avert being caught. Christopher’s father come in court in a few days to get child custody. CBS News arrived at to Bowen-Wright’s attorney, but hasn’t heard back.

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