Study finds BPA still in lots of canned foods

It’s convenient along with a staple in many kitchens, but many of canned food still includes a chemical associated with birth defects and cancer, CBS Bay Area reports.

Bisphenol A, or BPA, continues to be taken off baby products, multiple-use water bottles and many toys. However the chemical continues to be used in many food packaging.

The Middle for Ecological Health lately tested greater than 250 cans bought at supermarkets and dollar stores for BPA. Researchers found nearly 40 % contained caffeine. That’s lower from 67 percent 2 yrs ago, however the number still concerns some experts.

“Will still be way too high,” Charles Margulis from the Center for Ecological Health told CBS News. “We have to have it lower to zero.”

BPA can be used within the linings of cans, however, many research has shown that low quantity of a chemical can seep in to the food.

The U.S. Fda states BPA is protected in the current levels occurring in food. However the condition of California lately added BPA to the Proposition 65 list like a chemical recognized to cause reproductive toxicity.

Margulis states there are a number of potential health issues.

“BPA may cause birth defects, also it’s associated with cancer of the breast, weight problems and lots of other serious health issues,Inch he stated.

Margulis also noticed that low-earnings Americans might be most in danger.

The research found over fifty percent the cans bought at 99 Cents Only contained BPA.

“In lots of areas, dollar stores would be the only places people might opt for vegetables and fruit,Inch stated Margulis.

His advice is perfect for consumers buy fresh vegetables and fruit and organic products whenever possible.

Numerous food manufacturers have either taken BPA from their products or are while doing this. Some companies have added labels for their products letting consumers know they’re BPA-free.

The supermarkets whose cans were tested for that study told CBS News that they’re dealing with manufacturers to phase BPA of all the cans within their stores.

The Dollar Store and 99 Cent Store didn’t immediately react to demands for discuss the research.

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Tick months are here: How to prevent them

NEW You are able to — The U.S. Cdc and Prevention is warning of the particularly severe season for tick-borne illnesses this season, reports CBS News correspondent Anna Werner.

Lindsey Mears was bitten with a tick and finally identified as having Lyme disease.

“It grown up, it got really nasty and that i fortunately ended up getting the classic bullseye rash around it,” she stated. 

It’s the most typical tick-borne disease in the united states, and it is increasing.


Dr. Christopher Braden

CBS News

Dr. Christopher Braden, an epidemiologist using the CDC, stated that cases have tripled within the U.S.

“I am worried about what basically is definitely an epidemic of Lyme disease which has happened in the last 2 decades,Inch Braden stated.

In 2001, there have been about 17,000 confirmed installments of Lyme disease, however in 2015, the amount arrived at almost 30,000. Medical officials warn individuals figures may vastly underestimate how prevalent the condition is really, because most cases aren’t reported towards the CDC.

90-5 % of Lyme disease cases reported in 2015 originated from 14 Northeastern and Midwestern states, however the ticks that carry the condition are distributing.


There’s also other tick-borne illnesses to take into consideration this summer time, such as the Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which required the existence of the 2-year-old girl in Indiana over the past weekend.

“So even though you live outdoors of places that Lyme disease is prevalent, there might be these other kinds of infections that may occur so wherever you reside within the U . s . States to avoid tick bites and become evaluated if you feel there is contamination,Inch Braden stated.

Lyme disease can be challenging to identify, as signs and symptoms can resemble other illnesses signs and symptoms frequently include fever, pains and aches, fatigue along with a rash.

The CDC website lists recommendations regarding how to avoid ticks and tick-borne illnesses, including:

  • Avoid wooded and brushy areas rich in grass and leaf litter, and walk in the heart of wooded trails.
  • Put on clothing given the pesticide permethrin.
  • Make use of a a bug repellent that contains a minimum of 20 % DEET.
  • If you discover a tick onto the skin, take it off immediately. Use tweezers and pinch the tick near its mouth parts, pulling it gradually inside a continuous motion. Don’t twist it, that might leave tick parts behind within the skin.
  • Tick-borne illnesses, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tularemia, can result in distinctive rashes, that the CDC details here. 
  • Check yourself, your children and pets for ticks after working time outdoors, including any outside gear.
  • If your little one develops temperature following a tick is taken away, visit your physician as quickly as possible.
  • Keep lawn grass cut short, and apply pesticides if at all possible.
  • Remove any furniture or trash out of your yard.

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What goes on to National basketball association players who tweet around the eve of the game

Lebron #23 from the Cleveland Cavaliers dunks within the third quarter from the Boston Celtics during Game Five from the 2017 National basketball association Eastern Conference Finals at TD Garden in Boston, May 25, 2017. 

Elsa / Getty Images

When Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers face the Golden Condition Players tonight for his or her last shot in an National basketball association championship, the Cavs better hope players did not stay awake tweeting late Thurs ..


New information shows that pro basketball players who tweet the night time away before a game title submit a poorer performance in the game the following day.

The likely offender? A insomnia, researchers stated.

“Using late-night tweeting activity like a proxy to be up late, we interpret these data to exhibit that basketball skills are impaired after you have less sleep,” stated study author Jason Johnson, a helper professor of sociology at Stony Brook College in Stony Brook, N.Y.

Johnson and the colleagues pored over Twitter account activity for 112 National basketball association players during the period of seven basketball seasons between 2009 and 2016.

All in all, case study checked out the timing of roughly 30,000 tweets from players which were then stacked facing next-day quality of play.

They stated they determined that players scored 1 less point, typically, on days that adopted late-night tweets.

Shooting precision also came by about 1.7 percentage points for the reason that scenario. And tweeters also required less shots coupled with less rebounds, steals and blocks, they found.

That stated, players who have been in the previous night a game title tweeting also tended to experience typically two less minutes per game, that might explain why scoring total went lower slightly, they acknowledged.

Regardless, study co-author Lauren Hale stated the “findings are relevant beyond just sports science research.” Hale is really a Stony Brook professor of family, population and preventive medicine.

The findings were printed June 5 within an online supplement towards the journal Sleep. These were also presented now in a meeting from the Connected Professional Sleep Societies, in Boston.

“Our results demonstrate a wider phenomenon,” Hale stated inside a meeting news release. “To do at the personal best, you need to i believe nights sleep.”

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Inside a first, Food and drug administration asks drugmaker to yank an opioid in the market

A emblem sign outdoors of the facility occupied by Endo Pharmaceuticals in Malvern, Pennsylvania on May 30, 201

Kris Tripplaar/Sipa USA

TRENTON, N.J. — U.S. regulators desire a narcotic painkiller active in the opioid epidemic from the market among data showing people still abuse it.

The Fda stated Thursday it’s requested Endo Pharmaceuticals to prevent selling its reformulated, extended-release painkiller, Opana ER, after concluding the drugs’s risks over-shadow its benefits.

It’s the very first time the Food and drug administration has requested a drugmaker to get rid of an opioid painkiller in the market. The company stated it’s seen a “significant shift” from people crushing and snorting Opana ER to obtain high to injecting it.

Endo stated inside a statement it’s “reviewing the request and it is evaluating the entire selection of potential options.”

Wall Street responded rapidly having a sell-off, and Endo shares stepped 13.4 % to $11.93 in buying and selling after U.S. markets closed.

The Food and drug administration move uses advisors, reviewing the security of Opana ER in a March hearing, voted 18-8 against ensure that is stays available on the market.

Besides adding to overdoses, abuse of Opana ER was blamed for any 2015 outbreak of Aids and hepatitis C in southern Indiana associated with discussing needles, based on the Food and drug administration.

“We’re facing an opioid epidemic – an open health crisis, so we will need to take all necessary steps to lessen the scope of opioid misuse and abuse,” Food and drug administration Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb stated inside a statement. “We continuously take regulatory steps whenever we see situations where an opioid product’s risks over-shadow its benefits.”

A Couple Of million Americans are hooked on prescription opioids, and 91 die every single day from overdosing on the painkiller or much-cheaper heroin.

Overdoses are the leading reason for dying of Americans younger than 50. Based on preliminary data compiled by The New You are able to Occasions, deaths this past year likely capped 59,000 — 19 percent greater than the prior year. 

Endo first got U.S. approval because of its extended-release opioid, Opana ER, in the year 2006. It reformulated that drug this year and claimed the alterations managed to get harder to control physically or chemically to abuse it. Endo attempted to influence Food and drug administration officials the new formulation was abuse-resistant, which likely might have because of the product an advertising and marketing advantage within the crowded, lucrative group of opioid painkillers.

The Food and drug administration did not agree, refusing to allow Endo market the brand new formulation as abuse-deterrent if this granted approval for sales in the past.

If Endo does not adhere to the FDA’s request to prevent selling Opana ER, the company holds a hearing and begin a proper process for rescinding its approval.

Based on the Food and drug administration, there aren’t any generic versions from the reformulated Opana ER available on the market. However, generic versions of both original Opana ER and also the original immediate-release version, known as oxymorphone ER, take presctiption purchase.

Individuals generic products may also face action through the Food and drug administration, which stated it’s “assessing the most recent available data on abuse patterns.”

Endo Pharmaceuticals makes generic pills and niche drugs, which usually are costly medicines for complex disorders. It’s a part of Endo Worldwide plc, that is located in Dublin, Ireland, and it has U.S. headquarters within the Philadelphia suburb of Malvern.

Endo had about $4 billion in revenue this past year, only $159 million of this from Opana.

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Family warns of “dry drowning” after 4-year-old dies

A household getting ready to bury their 4-year-old boy really wants to warn other parents from the rare condition that required the youngsters existence.

Francisco Delgado Junior. states almost per week following a vacation towards the Texas City Dike, he known as 911 because his boy Frankie stopped breathing, CBS affiliate KHOU-TV reports. The kid had proven signs and symptoms that was similar to a stomach bug for a few days, including vomiting and diarrhea.


Frankie Delgado


Doctors found fluid in Frankie’s lung area and round his heart, and told the Delgado family Frankie died of what is known as “dry drowning.”

Unlike more typical drowning deaths that happened in pools, ponds and by the pool, dry drowning can happen hrs, even days, following a person inhales water. The uncommon condition mostly involves youthful children.

Based on medical professionals, signs and symptoms of dry drowning include trouble breathing, persistent coughing, sleepiness and fatigue, and vomiting.

Frankie’s mother Tara stated her boy was “filled with existence” and “for four years old, he’d a large heart.”

The household is while making funeral plans for that child. A GoFundMe account continues to be established to assist with the price.

“There aren’t any words to explain how heartbroken we’re within the passing of Baby Frankie,” the household authored around the page. “He was just four years old, he’d a lot existence to reside. He was preferred among a lot of people, his passion for Baseball was endless. The planet lost an attractive soul.”

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Toddler dies after tick bite results in organ failure

The household of the Indiana toddler who died on Sunday is warning other parents concerning the devastating potential of tick bites

“This little angel” helps you to save a number of other lives, 2-year-old Kenley Ratliff’s grandmother, Rhonda Conn, authored on the GoFundMe page the family established to assist in paying for hospital bills once the young girl first grew to become sick.

Kenley’s signs and symptoms developed one or two weeks after going camping, Dr. Chandy John, a pediatric infectious disease specialist who treated the lady at Riley Children’s Health, told CBS News.

“Maybe ten days later, she began creating a fever along with other signs and symptoms, like a rash, and she or he wasn’t feeling well,” stated John.


Kenley Ratliff, 2, died after being infected with a tick transporting Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Rhonda Conn via GoFundMe

Before she showed up in the hospital, John stated she was seen by other doctors a few occasions and identified as having strep throat. As her fever and fatigue ongoing, her family introduced her to Riley Children’s. But her signs and symptoms ongoing to worsen and doctors there have been not able to prevent the problem.

“Because the infection progresses, the body responds very strongly. There’s lots of inflammation also it can swell organs such as the brain and cause inflammation within the bloodstream vessels,” John stated.

Eventually the soreness can result in organ failure.

Bloodstream tests that returned yesterday, following the child’s dying, confirmed that they was struggling with Rocky Mountain spotted fever, John stated, contamination that’s contracted via a tick bite.

Kenley’s grandmother authored around the family’s GoFundMe page, “I simply cannot believe this really is real. I was expecting magic so we desired to bring her home.”

She also stated, “I had no clue what it was.Inch

Doctors in Indiana aren’t seeing lots of installments of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, who have managed to get harder to identify in early stages. Based on the Indiana Condition Department of Health, there have been 40 installments of Rocky Mountain spotted fever there this past year. The condition is rising within the condition, based on CBS affiliate WTTV in Indiana, that also reported Kenley’s story.

“It happens in Indiana, but it is not common here. A young child who’s tired and it has a rash, that is one large amount of kids,” stated John.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever took its name since the first cases popped in people bitten by ticks around the Rocky Mountain tops, and “spotted” refers back to the rash many patients get.

But, stated John, “Its not all child has got the spots. Only 80 % of children and grown ups obtain the rash.”

Signs and symptoms may also incorporate a fever that’s usually pretty high, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, muscle aches along with a headache.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever is not only a disease from the mountain states it’s really more prevalent within the southeast and central U.S. now, stated John.

The chance of getting bitten by an infected tick is greater if you are out camping or hiking in areas where you can find more ticks, but he noted, “It’s happened in urban New You are able to, too.”

Early treatment with doxycycline, an antibiotic used particularly to get rid of the bacteria, is pivotal.

“Other anticbioitcs are ineffective. It is primarily the antibiotic that actually works from this group of microorganisms,” stated John.

When in areas where you can find ticks — including forest, parks, and backyards in tick-infested locations — parents might help prevent tick bites in youngsters by using these recommendations:

  • Put on lengthy-sleeve clothing and tuck pants into socks when walking in forest or high grass.
  • Put on clothing given the pesticide permethrin.
  • If you discover a tick onto the skin, take it off immediately. Use tweezers and pinch the tick near its mouth parts, pulling it gradually inside a continuous motion. Don’t twist it, that might leave tick parts behind within the skin.
  • Check yourself, your children and pets after working time outdoors.
  • Make use of a very effective insect repellent, like a product with 25 % DEET for kids.
  • If your little one develops temperature following a tick is taken away, visit your physician as quickly as possible.
  • Keep lawn grass cut short.
  • Remain on groomed trails while hiking.

Kenley’s family plans a “Celebration of Existence” on her on Saturday, June 10, at Hazelwood Christian Church, in Clayton, Indiana.

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Diabetes drugs associated with rare but deadly complication

New research links diabetes type 2 drugs known as SGLT2 inhibitors by having an elevated risk for any harmful side-effect.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

A brand new type of diabetes type 2 drugs known as SGLT2 inhibitors could increase the chance of an uncommon, existence-threatening complication from the disease known as ketoacidosis, new research warns.

SGLT2 inhibitors include prescription drugs for example canagliflozin, dapagliflozin and empagliflozin. Brands are Invokana, Invokamet, Farxiga, Xigduo XR, Jardiance and Glyxambi.

These drugs first grew to become obtainable in 2013, however in 2015 the U.S. Fda issued an alert a good elevated risk for diabetic ketoacidosis when SGLT2 inhibitors are utilized.

The problem typically happens in individuals with your body. And even though it is uncommon in individuals with diabetes type 2, situation reports have proven it may occur with type 2 disease, based on the study authors.

Ketoacidosis may cause vomiting, abdominal discomfort, difficulty breathing and swelling within the brain. Not treated, the problem could be fatal, they stated.

The brand new study “basically confirms what doctors had already suspected,” stated diabetes expert Dr. Stanislaw Klek, an endocrinologist at NYU Winthrop Hospital in Mineola, N.Y.

“Fortunately, the speed of diabetic ketoacidosis continues to be really low and cannot prevent using medicines class,” he added. “You should be familiar with this potential complication and monitor for signs and symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis, particularly in times of illness.”

Within the new study, researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston examined data from 40,000 individuals with diabetes type 2. They discovered that individuals taking SGLT2 inhibitors were two times as prone to develop diabetic ketoacidosis than individuals taking another type of diabetes drugs known as DPP4 inhibitors (drugs for example Januvia and Onglyza).

Still, the danger to the one patient remains very slim, they stressed. They believed that among patients taking an SGLT2 inhibitor, no more than one in every 1,000 patients would develop ketoacidosis.

The findings were printed June 21 in the Colonial Journal of drugs.

Despite the fact that diabetic ketoacidosis is rare, doctors have to carefully monitor diabetes type 2 patients for signs and signs and symptoms from the complication, stated study author Dr. Michael Fralick. He’s from Brigham and Women’s division of pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomics.

“This can be a side-effect that’s usually observed in patients with type 1 diabetes — not type 2 — so doctors aren’t ‘on the lookout’ for this,Inch Fralick stated inside a hospital news release. “This means that the chance of this side-effect might really be even greater than we found because of misdiagnosis/under-recording.”

Dr. Minisha Sood is definitely an endocrinologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New You are able to City. Reviewing the findings, she described that SGLT2 inhibitors “happen to be a welcome accessory for the arsenal of glucose [bloodstream sugar]-lowering medications. They lower bloodstream glucose by growing the quantity of glucose eliminated with the urine.”

However the drugs may hinder amounts of a specific hormone, glucagon, which results in a poor increase in acids known as ketones. “When ketone acids develop within the system, this may lead to diabetic ketoacidosis,” Sood described.

She agreed that patients and doctors ought to be aware of the rare but danger for diabetic ketoacidosis, mainly in the early days following a person starts taking an SLGT2 inhibitor.

But Sood believes the research findings aren’t reason behind patients to instantly change to another type of diabetes medication.

“SLGT2 inhibitors work very well to manage diabetes [and they’ve the additional advantage of lowering bloodstream pressure and weight too] therefore the benefits certainly over-shadow the potential risks of therapy,” she stated.

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Rats invade grade school, spread rash

Last Updated Jun 7, 2017 5:08 PM EDT

Rental property PARK, Calif. — Students and teachers were covered in itchy, red bites after rats invaded an grade school in Los Angeles.

CBS La reports the rats put together underneath some portable classrooms at Rental property Park Grade School in Oc.

Medical officials repeat the bumps which were as reported by students and faculty were brought on by small bugs living on rats.

“This problem was initially discovered when some staff and students reported bug bites, which with the analysis, were identified to become rodent mites,” the superintendent of Orange Unified School District stated inside a written statement. “While rodents live throughout Los Angeles in shrubbery and trees, chances are these were disturbed with work getting ready to destroy the vacant 1920s structures around the campus.”

On Tuesday, vector control workers were delivered to campus to eradicate the rodents.

The superintendent states two classes happen to be gone to live in nearby Serrano Grade School like a precaution.

The situation remains under analysis.

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