Are toxic chemicals at Air Pressure bases resulting in cancer?

For Twenty Five years, Dan Cruz delivered mail in the Peterson Air Pressure Base and drank water. Then came cancer – thyroid, prostate, testicular – he stated nothing you’ve seen prior observed in his family.

“I am the only person which has been identified as having cancer not once, not two times, but three occasions. People on my small route… cancer originates upon them and often stage 4,” Cruz told CBS News correspondent Craig Petersen. 
The reason might be firefighting foam used because the 1970s at Air Pressure bases and airports across the nation, something designed to save lives that could have injured them rather. The froth contains highly fluorinated chemicals, referred to as PFCs. It’s suspected of causing some cancers and underweight births.
Mica Ullum has resided near Peterson Air Pressure Base for any quarter century, inside a town in which the foam has contaminated water. Sadie, 1 of 3 children born to Mica, was created premature, weighing only 1 lb six ounces. She spent 94 days within the neonatal intensive care unit. Mica’s four other pregnancies led to miscarriage or dying.
“Using what you realize now, do you consider any one of this is due to the results, potential effects, of what is within the water?” Petersen requested.

“Possibly, yeah,” Ullum responded.


“If you still pump poison to your body, something needs to respond,” Ullum stated.
Peterson is among 190 Air Pressure bases where PFCs might have leached in the earth and surrounding areas. One study according to EPA’s test results shows as much as 6 000 0000 people might be uncovered nationwide to PFCs within their consuming water at greater levels compared to Environmental protection agency now deems safe.
However the greater than 60,000 individuals the communities near Peterson Air Pressure Base might be America’s hardest-hit. The Environmental protection agency stated anything over 70-parts per trillion might be harmful. Water they tested here had over 1,300 parts per trillion. Furthermore, based on a suggested class action lawsuit suit filed from the foam manufacturers, it’s triggered risky health conditions in countless residents.
One foam manufacturing company, 3M, stated there’s no merit within the health claims, adding they “offered these items with instructions regarding safe use and disposal…acted responsibly whatsoever occasions…and can intensely defend this suit.”
However the Air Pressure has responded, spending greater than $4 million to supply canned water and filtration. Air Pressure firefighters now train with water, as well as for real fires it utilizes a different fluorinated foam, still that contains another kind of PFCs, but thought to be safer.
However, many of individuals who’ve studied the brand new foam repeat the Air Pressure might have traded one evil for an additional.
“Our chemical regulation system causes us to be all guinea pigs… because chemicals are assumed safe until proven guilty plus they venture out in to the world… and we’re uncovered for them without any health information,” stated Arlene Blum, investigator in the College of California Berkeley.

Mark Correll is deputy assistant secretary from the Air Pressure for atmosphere safety and infrastructure.
“Is it feasible that you have replaced this with something which could have a lengthy-term problem lower the street?” Petersen requested him.
“I have reached depend around the Ecological Protection Agency as well as on the agencies… to inform us whether that will be an issue in the future,” Correll stated.
Until then, “We are likely to address it as though it were every other hazardous material… to ensure that we are able to prevent contamination in the earth water as well as in the soil by cleaning up immediately,” Correll stated.

“Why would you accomplish that whether it’s considered safe?” Petersen requested.

“What we are saying is these are still chemicals which have potentially toxic negative effects,” Correll stated.
Cruz worries more illnesses may lie ahead due to something as everyday like a drink water.
“If a person had said this twenty five years ago and also you had not had any one of this water, do you consider you would be healthy now and never dealing with these cancers?” Petersen requested him.

“I believe I would—would happen to be perfectly healthy. I do not– I don’t think which i would’ve– become any– the– from the cancers whatsoever,” Cruz stated. 

El born area will participate a federal study of contamination near military bases round the country, that will hopefully outline precisely how bad and the way far this contamination might have arrived at in to the lives of huge numbers of people.

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